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Planet Paleo
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Planet Paleo Active Collagen 210g
Planet Paleo Active Collagen 210g
Price: £35.00
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Planet Paleo Primal Goddess 210g
Planet Paleo Primal Goddess 210g
Price: £35.00
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Planet Paleo Pure Collagen 225g
Planet Paleo Pure Collagen 225g
Price: £24.00
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3 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

About Planet Paleo

‘Primal Nutrition evolved’ is a vision of embracing the power of primal with the power of the present. The wisdom of the old with the innovation of the young.

It’s a formula that has driven the human race since the dawn of time.

It’s why we take the best principles from paleolithic and ancient traditions and combine them with the newest nutritional advancements and discoveries to create paleo friendly products suitable for the modern world!

What is the Paleo Diet? 

The core concept behind the paleo diet (also known as the Hunter-Gatherer diet) is that our eating patterns have changed rapidly since the dawn of agriculture and our bodies have been unable to adapt so quickly to these changes.

People are encouraged to eat a diet more similar to what our ancestors would have eaten and emphasis is made on the following:

Foods To Consume:

Meat & Fish

Bone broths and organ meats


Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Traditional herbs and spices

Nuts and Seeds

Cultured Foods such as Sauerkraut and Kefir

Foods To Avoid:



Heavily refined sugars

Beans and Legumes

Vegetable oils

Margarine and other artificial foods

Heavily processed foods

Paleo Benefits:

Naturally low in allergens such as gluten or dairy

Naturally low in toxins

High in the protein gelatin

Supports digestion

Highly Nutritious

Paleo Dogma:

Many in the paleo community are quite rigid with rules for eating paleo, however we do not believe this is helpful at promoting a healthy state of mind.

Eating food that’s been eaten for thousands of years in its most natural form should be something to strive towards, however following any diet too strictly can have its own negative impact. We think of the paleo diet as more of a cuisine than a diet that should be rigorously followed to achieve optimum health.

Whilst we make products suitable for those on the paleo diet, devoid of grains, dairy, refined sugars, vegetable oils, beans and legumes, some of these food can be very nourishing when properly sourced and prepared.

The Products

Primal Blends:

Each blend is carefully chosen using herbs and foods used throughout time by our ancestors to maintain nutrition and health.

Co-Active Formulas:

Modern farming practices have left the nutrient levels in our soil and foods more depleted than in the era of our paleo ancestors.

That’s why we carefully choose specific co-active nutrients to enhance each primal blend and work synergistically with the foods and herbs to promote optimum health! 



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